Welcome to this blog that is devoted to presenting Black Letter Law on legal concepts that appear in current news stories and social media. This blog was prompted by the barrage of misinformation and disinformation that hits us daily.

Basic legal concepts are commonly butchered in the back-and-forth of uninformed recitals of information and application of law within those recitals.

Within this blog, you will find a currently featured legal concept supported by citations in both the body of the blog and in end notes. I provide such citation so that you do not have to take my word on the concept. You can go to the bedrock authority on the subject yourself if you so choose.

Though I do not intend to present any incorrect information or make a material omission,I am human and capable of error. Accordingly, a “comments” section is included in this blog where you may offer your corrections, preferably with citation to a authoritative sources.